hey there!

I'm Chrysa and I am Chrysa Leigh Photography - a self-taught photographer since 2014.

Let's just keep this as simple and down-to-earth as possible because nothing has brought me more anxiety than this section - it's a mixture of not really knowing what to say and liking to remain as mysterious as possible at all times.

My entire life I've always been in love with taking pictures. Whether it was using a Polaroid as a kid, bringing the ole digital point and shoot along to the bars in college (until I dropped it in a vodka RedBull - RIP) or finally growing up and buying my first big girl DSLR in my early 20s, I was always taking pictures and have always had a flare for anything creative. I'm sure my parents wished I had a flare for performing heart surgery but here we are...

I love adventure, traveling (huge advocate for solo travel- I lived alone in a van traveling around Iceland for 10 days and it changed my life), all things outdoors - basically anything that keeps me moving I love. I have permanent ants in my pants and a self diagnosis of FOMO. I've been to 32 National Parks (and counting), completed the Trans Catalina Trail by myself (so you know I'll never say no to a hike in shoot) and I strongly believe margaritas count as fruit servings. I hate popsicle biters, people that clap when the plane lands and marinara (it's trash, don't argue with me).

I take pride in being the most unprofessional professional. I don't want to be a stranger to my clients (I don't even like that word because it sounds too formal). I want the banter and comfortability you find yourself having with a good friend - you ARE making out in front of me after all so we might as well vibe. I love honest moments and authentic love and I love witnessing it every time we shoot together.

I could go on but this isn't about me, this is all about you and your moment, and I'm just really humbled to be a small part of it and capture it for you.